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About Us
AWS travel boasts vast and unparalleled expertise in the global MICE Travel industry. Our co-workers pioneered Incentive travel to Egypt over twenty years ago; the AWS travel family has earned an intimate understanding of the nature of business travel. Experiencing the birth of a new market for creative and unique ideas has shaped what is today the region’s leading body of MICE executives with a passion for novelty.

At AWS travel, we offer the full range of development and management services for overseas business; meetings, conferences, exhibitions and incentive travel programs. Our clients range from government agencies to private industry leaders and come from around the world. Our employees bear a profound understanding of international conference culture and the world-class standards that constitute business meetings.

AWS travel expertly covers all pertinent routines and procedures, maintaining maximum flexibility for client demands.

Good Incentive programs demand innovative minds. At AWS travel, we understand the nature of employee motivation and the value of novelty. Our employees undergo regular and rigorous training, attend international.

We employ a passionate workforce sharing the common goal of finding – and creating – new angles to the development and delivery of effective Incentive programs. Creative, consistent and steady, our employees strive to meet the demands of our clients, and to anticipate and satisfy all potential needs.

Incentive and Destination Management services are available on a modular or full package basis and can be modified or tailored to suit client needs.
PCO (Professional Conference Organizer)
Our staff expertly covers all conference routines and procedures, delivering the highest quality of organization services with memorable novelty. AWS Travel enjoys a good degree of independence owing to minimal outsourcing and as such, promises to deliver reliable services with no delays, setting the stage for a smooth and successful conference.

PCO services are available on a modular or full package basis and can be modified or tailored to suit client needs.
Corporate Travel Service
Decades of experience have built a keen sense for the nature of corporate travel; with AWS Travel Services, our clients receive world-class benefits covering every travel need, inbound and outbound, ensuring safe, reliable and prompt procedures. Our staff members are trained to anticipate client needs and find efficient, time friendly ways of meeting them. From hassle-free airport assistance to memorable conferences and events, we stress excellence in all our services. Our use of a sophisticated, hi-tech infrastructure and the Amadeus electronic booking system serves to facilitate and ensure the delivery of distinctly reliable services.

The development and management of corporate events is an art that requires an intimate understanding of our clients and their needs. AWS Travel Services, member to BSP and IATA, fosters paramount appreciation for the value of detail and the importance of good logistics and reliable efficiency. Our mission is to deliver unique, personalized and cost-effective services, through maintaining profound relationships with each of our clients, and dedicating our efforts to achieving thorough knowledge and expertise in their respective fields of industry.
Outbound Overview
AWS Travel provides numerous international travel services for individuals and groups throughout its extensive network of overseas suppliers. We guarantee world-class, personalized experiences with maximum flexibility.
Inbound Overview
AWS travel inbound department deals with the comprehensive scope of services concerning incoming travelers. They include:

AWS Travel deals with a selection of international charter companies on a regular basis. The frequency of flights and amount of arrivals demand prompt decision-making and firm answers. AWS Travel understands the needs of charter operations and is fully prepared to deal with them. Ground transport, hotel reservations, and round-trip tour programs are all aspects of charter operations that AWS Travel handles efficiently and reliably.
FIT (Free & Independent Travelers)
The same high level of services offered to groups and charters is extended by this department to meet the special needs of the high-end traveler assuring comprehensive, personalized service.
Group Travel
AWS Travel techniques for providing for every aspect of an enjoyable trip are the result of extensive experience.

AWS travel ensures that the guests are made to feel as comfortable as possible. From the moment of arrival until departure, our field coordinators will assist the group in any way they can, this adds value to tour programs by ensuring the smooth running of all its aspects.
Chairman`s Message:
We wish the above brief information will help you to build a confidence between both our entities assuring you that AWS Travel always working hard with its partners enabling both sides to give an excellent impression and high evaluation by its clients when they return back from their trip, and this is the best target in order to assist its partners all over the world to grow a fruitful business hand in hand.
Yasser Khairy
Chairman of AWS travel.
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