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Oriental Folklore Workshop 2012
Starting From 17th till 22nd. Of April 2012
Miss Bellydance
Starting from 18th till 23rd of April 2012
For the first time in Egypt, we do have the honor to provide two Events in one place at the same time.
Oriental folklore workshop

In Egypt, three main forms of the traditional dance are associated with belly dance, called Baladi, Sharqi and Sha'abi.  

  • Baladi is a folk style of dance from the Arab tribes who settled in Upper Egypt. The term has come to refer to the folk dance still performed by the working classes of urbanised Egypt. Dance which more rigorously tries to uphold folk traditions from the countryside or from specific tribes will often be referred to as Ghawahzee. The Ghawahzee dancers have also been known to be at the heart of the conflict in Egypt over the propriety of publicly performed dance. The well-reputed Mazin sisters are widely held to be the last authentic performers of Ghawahzee dance. Khayreyya Mazin is currently the last of these dancers still teaching and performing as of 2009.
  • Sharqi is based on the baladi style but was further developed by Samia Gamal, Tahiya Karioka, Naima Akef, and other dancers who rose to fame during the golden years of the Egyptian film industry. This has come to be considered the classical style of dance in Egypt. These dancers were famous not only for their role in Egyptian films, but also for their performances at the "Opera Casino" opened in 1925 by Badia Masabni. This venue was a popular place for influential musicians and choreographers from both the US and Europe. Later dancers who were influenced by these artists are Sohair Zaki, Fifi Abdou, and Nagwa Fouad. All rose to fame between 1960 and 1980, and are still popular today. Some of these later dancers were the first to choreograph and perform dances using a full 'orchestra' and stage set-up, which had a huge influence upon what is considered the 'classical' style.
  • Sha'abi refers to the poorer, commoner sections of Cairo. The name came to characterize the style of music enjoyed in such neighborhoods. The style is somewhat rougher and more playful than the rest of Egyptian pop music. Sha'abi dance is Egyptian belly dance performed to such music, typically performed more assertively sexual than is classical raqs sharqi.

In spite of the classical status of Egyptian bellydance in western perception, Egyptians do not consider it a respectable profession, and most belly dancers performing for tourists in Egypt today are foreigners. Dancers are not allowed to perform certain movements or do any floor work.

State television in Egypt no longer broadcasts belly dancing. A plan to establish a state institute to train belly dancers in Egypt came under heavy fire as it "seriously challenges the Egyptian society's traditions and glaringly violates the constitution," according to a member of parliament

You will enjoy a great variety of folkloric classes such as
Baladi, Eskandarani , Semsemia, Shamedan , Hagala , Assaya, Melaya, Ghawazi, Nubie, Falahi, Sayidi………………..

For Package rate at 5 stars  deluxe hotel from 17th-22nd April 2012 (oriental folklore workshop)
please contact us
Type of Class & rates
Folklore dance: USD 35 for each class.
Super Master Class (Folklore Teaching): USD 60 for each class.

N.B: Kindly note that the minimum charge for classes USD 150 per person.
This is your great chance to be a winner in our 1st Miss Bellydance 2012as we will provide Valuable rewards for the winners as follow:
The first prize for Miss Belly dance is:                  USD 2000.
The second prize for the first runner up is:           USD 1000.
TThe third prize for the second runner up is:           USD 500.

Registration for miss belly dance is USD 100.
For Package rate at 5 stars deluxe  hotel from 18th-23rd April 2012(Miss Belly dance)
please contact us

Package including
5 nights’ accommodation on BB basis.
All transfers from the airport to the hotel & vice Versa
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